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By utilizing OPTION TRADING, WALL STREET becomes your AVENUE to a brighter future.

James Gragg, having come from a family of educators, knew that he wanted the best life has to offer. Something was always missing until he discovered the secret between the wealthy and the poor and is now fulfilling his dreams of having financial freedom since learning that Wall Street is another avenue in which to help him fulfill his dreams.

James, who actively traded in the stock market since 1985, had no knowledge of Option Trading until being introduced by friends, who were N2K reps.  He was encouraged to read Wall Street Money Machine, by Wade B. Cook, and found "The Meter Drop" to be quite intriguing.  His interest of Option Trading grew stronger which led him to team up with friends who together studied the website of StockCharts.Com which enhanced his knowledge of timing the market. Mr. Gragg embraced the website with a passion which heightened his knowledge even more.

That passion led him to develop a powerful option trading strategy. His listening audience who desired to show their appreciation to him for sharing his knowledge, proudly named the strategy, “The Gragg Strategy”.
James Gragg, who found that he could not escape his family roots of teaching, is now teaching the masses about Option Trading and providing the tools to help maximize their financial education. Mr.Gragg extends an invitation to those who are eager to learn, coachable, and desire to improve their financial status to join him on the journey of learning Option Trading. You will learn, the definition of option, the different types of options, diversification, money management, when to buy/sell, timing the market, the rule of 72, chart reading and much more. No one will be left behind. Come now and join Mr.Gragg!!!!!



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